Logistics UK have issued some valuable information about Driver Medicals

In the first wave the Government amended legislation to allow vocational drivers over the age of 45 to renew a vocational driving licence for one year using a self-declaration of health rather than using a D4 medical certificate from a doctor; this recognised the difficulties drivers were facing in accessing GP appointments. As legislation stands this waiver cannot be used twice; the first such renewals using the waiver were made in May 2020.

As GPs’ surgeries become involved in administering the vaccines, it remains the case that appointments for medical examinations may continue to be difficult to come by. Logistics UK is working with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to examine whether any continuation of the waiver may be necessary. However, DVLA has indicated that since March a significant number of renewals supported by D4 certificates have continued to be granted during the pandemic period, indicating that drivers are able to access medical examinations in some instances.

DVLA will send drivers a reminder 56 days before a vocational licence expires; Logistics UK advises vocational licence holders to contact their GP as soon as this reminder arrives in order to ascertain whether an appointment may be possible.

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