The primary benefit of credit insurance is protection against bad debt caused by insolvency, cash-flow issues and political risks (export risk).  Companies who use credit insurance also benefit from:

  • Improved cash-flow – the policy works with your credit control and enhances it
  • Increased new business and repeat sales – the protection from the policy means a business can go after new markets you may have found too risky. The credit terms you offer are also a good selling point for winning and keeping business.
  • Better terms from suppliers – by having a credit insurance policy, this also gives a supplier more confidence that your customers will not fail due to a bad debt.
  • Up-to-date credit information – the credit insurer that underwrites the credit risk of a company has the most up to date information possible and quite often that means companies with a credit insurance policy will be the first to know if a problem is on the horizon.
  • Reduced debt collection and legal costs – debt recovery action is also covered under our managed credit insurance policy meaning your client would reduce their spend on debt recovery processes.

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