So what makes ARC different to our Competitors?

We are different, we really do care about our customers whether they are a large commercial risk or the personal customer wanting just a household policy, we will visit them whatever the spend.

Our visits mean that we fully understand either the business we are being asked to insure or the property our personal customer wants help with, we also build up trust with the customer and I am a big believer in that you never know who the next person knows and so they could actually provide you with a very good referral.

We offer a Full Insurance Claims Service that many of our competitors do not.  Why would you spend all that precious money on your annual premium to be sent a claim form for you to complete in the event you need to claim, surely the time is stressful enough?  We hold the customer’s hand from start to finish.

Following on from this, our approach of being contactable 24 hours per day really does mean that if the customer should have a claim outside normal hours, we can offer practical advice, make arrangements to visit the site and start the claim process immediately.  No Having to wait around until 9am on Monday Morning should the incident occur on a Friday Night.

I believe the above makes ARC pretty unique for an Insurance Broker – particularly on the Consumer Side of Things.