Hi Everyone,

We are looking to connect and speak with various different types of Contractors whether that be in the Construction Industry, Road Surfacing or Crane & Plant.

We are coming across more and more businesses that simply believe they are insured correctly – the truth, they are not! In addition, onerous terms and conditions within the policy wording that have NOT been pointed out has meant items not being insured in locations on site when the business assumed they were ….

I do not understand, why a business would put their most import assets – Employees and Plant & Equipment at risk?

Are you sure that you have the correct cover? When was the last time you had a full overhaul of your insurance cover? Do you just renew each year and then put the documents in the filing cabinet.

At ARC Broker Services we are different, and trust us when we say we do a full overhaul and provide a full bespoke policy that is competitive, often provides enhanced cover and ensures that your claims are paid.

Please share and connect with us, for further information. Browse our insurance services or call 01522 820980.